Millenium Ski Club Finland

Millenium Ski Club, MSC, was founded 1997 by about 30 leaders of different ski clubs. The idea was to be an information channel between the clubs. Each leader will get the information and forward it within his club.

Any club leader is welcome to join MSC. The only requirement is to be the contact person and forward the information within his club.
At the moment we do have over 100 leaders and over 12 000 skiers in their clubs.
If You want to join the club and be the contact person, please, send Your email address to me and tell the number of members in Your club.
You can send me Your information and I will put them together and send the newsletters.

You can also get personal membership of MSC and get Your own club card which is valid forever. The only cost is the club card, we don't have any annual fees. The size of the club card is about 50*80 mm and has Your photo in it. The card is like this.
The order instructions via email.
Personal members can join all the skiing trips organized by MSC. They do also get the newsletters (in Finnish) via email.
Other benefits from:
Suomen hiihtokeskusyhdistys
- SkiCard offers 2 skipasses at the cost of one
- skipasses at group rates

Let's have SkiFun!


Some happenings:
BIT 2010 - MILANO, ITALY 18.-23.2.2010
Travel Trade Italia in Rimini, ITALY 16.-17.10.2009
BuYin’ VdA Workshop in Aosta, ITALY 5.-8.3.2009
BIT 2009 - MILANO, ITALY 19.-22.2.2009
BIT 2008 - MILANO, ITALY 21.-24.2.2008
Bad Gastein 29.1.-5.2.2006
Bad Gastein 30.1.-6.2.2005
SkiTour 2004 (Courchevel, France)
SKIPASS 2003 - MODENA, ITALY 30.10. - 2.11.2003 >
SummerSki 2003 (Les 2 Alpes, France)
SkiTour 2002 (Tignes, France)
SummerSki 2001 (Les 2 Alpes, France)
SkiTour 2001 (Val Thorens, France)
SummerSki 2000 (Tignes, France)
SkiTour 2000 (Val Thorens, France)
SummerSki '99 (Les 2 Alpes, France)
SkiTour '99 (March) (Les 2 Alpes, France)
SkiTour '99 (January) (Les 2 Alpes, France)
SummerSki '98 (Les 2 Alpes, France)

Erkki Lehmuskallio
Millenium Ski Club
Mobile: +358 405 106 551